Nearly 30 years of accurate assay solution development

Serving the life science market

As a global supplier and partner within drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, Svar Life Science has nearly 30 years of experience serving the life science market with diagnostic laboratory services aimed at helping customers move forward in the drug development process and ensuring optimal treatment of patients by providing accurate assay solutions for the clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Our strong Scandinavian roots are embodied in a high-quality, responsive, people- and solution-focused business. Through mergers, acquisitions, in-house innovation, industry collaboration and knowledge exchange, we continue to find and harness the optimal solutions for improved patient care and accelerated drug development.

2018 - Euro Diagnostica becomes Svar Life Science

In 2018 Euro Diagnostica changed its name to Svar Life Science. Our new name, which means answers in Swedish, reflects our values and Scandinavian heritage, and positions us for doing business in life science.

2017 - Acquisition of Calpro AS

In 2017 the Norwegian company Calpro AS became part of the Svar Life Science group. Calpro AS was founded by the inventors of the technology behind the ELISA kits for the determination of calprotectin in stools and other biological materials. Today, the company is one of the major suppliers of diagnostic tools based around the calprotectin protein.

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2014 - Acquisition of Biomonitor A/S and the iLite® technology

In 2014 we acquired Danish life science company Biomonitor A/S adding the iLite® technology and cell-based reporter gene assays to the product portfolio.  This addition enabled us to expand our offering to encompass the entire drug development value chain.

This included sales of iLite to biopharma and CROs, establishment of patient monitoring through lab-developed tests in the US, and the building of a dedicated bioanalytical services unit.

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2011 - Acquisition of Vita Diagnostika GmbH

In 2011, we further strengthened our offering and expertise with the acquisition of Vita Diagnostika GmbH.

2007 - Launch of new CCPoint assay

The new CCPoint assay was launched in 2007. Today this assay is part of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) and American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria for rheumatoid arthritis and is present on most major platforms worldwide.

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2004 - Acquisition of Wieslab

In 2004 our company expanded its services by acquiring Wieslab, a specialist autoimmunity testing laboratory.

These services continue to be provided to hospitals and academia as well as to pharma, CRO, and biotech companies by Wieslab Diagnostic Services and Svar CRO Services.

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2002 - Anti-CCP2, a ground-breaking innovation

A ground-breaking innovation in 2002 was the Anti-CCP2, which contributed to the early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

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2001 - Development of Chromogranin A RIA

In 2001, Chromogranin A RIA was developed for the diagnosis of neuro-endocrine tumors and the calprotectin assay for diagnosis and patient management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

1992 - The Origin

The origins of Svar date back to 1992, when Euro Diagnostica was established in Malmö, Sweden following a merger between Ferring Diagnostica, Balticor Diagnostica, Euro Diagnostics and Medscand Diagnostics (MILAB). The company offered assay solutions to clinical laboratories and diagnostic platform providers. This included ANCA tests, to serologically detect autoimmune vasculitis.