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Let Svar be your expert partner

At Svar, we work to provide the right answers at the right time, from drug discovery to diagnosis and beyond. To meet this challenge, we aim to deliver new and innovative solutions, and value the importance of partnerships and collaborations in these efforts.

We strongly believe that the sharing of knowledge, skills and networks is not only a key driver for innovation, but the key to pioneering new solutions and finding new partnering opportunities.


Partner with us

Svar has a strong track record in pioneering new solutions within clinical diagnostics and drug discovery, such as our anti-CCP2 and CCPoint assays for early diagnosis of RA, our functional assays for all three pathways of complement activation, and iLite®, our cell-based reporter gene assays with features that are new and unique on the market.

In order to lead the market and continue successfully pioneering new solutions, we must team up and establish strong partnerships with collaborators, big and small. As a result, we have longstanding partnerships with top diagnostic platform providers, allowing us to serve 50% of the global autoimmunity market. Within the drug discovery segment, we collaborate with 15 of the 20 largest biopharma and CRO companies. Combined, this gives us a unique access and a large platform, from which we are constantly looking for new, cutting-edge solutions by partnering with up-and-coming researchers and companies.


Are you our new partner?

As a company that values innovation we are always looking for new and exciting ideas and solutions for drug development and clinical diagnostics.

Let us be your service research partner

Our Services have a large number of assays available that can be applied on different technology platforms. We are flexible and can support studies with anything from 10 to 1000s of samples.

Assays for research projects that can be tested range from our diagnostic test portfolio with neuro-immunology, nephrology and gastroenterology to a wide range of biomarkers available on our MSD Electrochemiluminescence or SIMOA ultra-sensitive digital immunoassay platform. Combined with our long experience of collaborations with various research organizations, we are in a great position to be your experienced research partner.

Let us develop your custom assay

At Svar Life Science, we combine research and development, manufacturing and regulatory affairs with quality control and quality assurance in a small cross-functional organization.

We have the flexibility of a small company with the knowledge and capacity of a large one.

This way we can offer versatile assay solutions to pharma, biotech and CRO customers, as well as to our partners within diagnostics.

Our custom development services are renowned as highly reliable and innovative, tailored to our customers assay development and manufacturing needs.

Let us develop your custom assay.