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Learn how to manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) from home with CalproSmart™ Self Test

Watch the video to find out how the CalproSmart™ Self Test  helps you and your healthcare team to monitor your calprotectin levels more closely between hospital appointments


Monitor your IBD patients from home - The future of IBD patient care

The CalproSmart rapid home test is the simplest test on the market for a self test for Calprotectin providing quantitative results. CalproSmart test is used by the patient themselves and by following the guidance and capturing the image from the test cassette using a mobile phone with CalproSmart app.

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The future of IBD patient care

Calpro is one of worlds leading providers of Calprotectin tests and aim to provide solutions that are effective and user friendly for the user, without compromising on the quality of product. Calpro produced the first commercial kits available for measuring Calprotectin, and thus established cut-offs and standards all subsequent test would follow.

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