20 November - 22 November 2019

Meet us at the 12th European Bioanalys Forum

Join Svar Life Science Wieslab for the highlight of the bioanalytical year in Barcelona!

Connect with our scientific leaders and business development team at Booth B21. Learn more on how we accelerate your bioanalytical service needs for your drug development projects!

Our team of bioanalytical experts are actively contributing to the development of best practices in bioanalytics by participating in the EBF community and this year we're presenting the following oral talks:


12.20-12.40 "Current and future considerations for neutralizing antibody assays"
Anna Laurén, Director Bioanalytical Services Wieslab - on behalf of EBF

17.00-17.20  "Preclinical immunogenicity assessment - when to include and what to include"
Anna Laurén, Director Bioanalytical Services Wieslab -  on behalf of EBF


09.40-10.00 "Design of biosimilar bioanalytical programs - assay strategy perspectives"
Janka Ryding, Director Bioanalytical Services Wieslab

Skärmavbild 2019-10-31 kl. 10.39.42   

    Don't miss our poster on:

    “A novel method for quantification of ADCC activity based on the use of
     engineered effector cells and a series of matching target cells.”






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