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Biological relevance of a cell-based assay, with the robustness and ease of use of a ligand binding assay! How?

The iLite cell-based solutions offer the ease of use and robustness of a Ligand Binding Assay and can be developed for virtually any pharmaceutical target and allows an easy, rapid and accurate test format for measurement and quantification of drug activity and immunogenicity. 

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Assay Ready format – superior performance

By utilizing cry preserved assays ready cells, that are harvested and frozen at the exact same time an higher reproducibility and overall superior performance compared to cells in culture can be obtain – not the mention the time and cost you can reduce but not having to culture your cells!



High specificity through
By a cleverly engineering, were we make us of chimeric transcription factors, we have managed to get a high target specificity whilst keep the cell as “untouched” as possible, giving a much larger signal to noise ration and a target specific quantification.
By adding a secondary reporter gene we can compensates for matrix effects, differences in cell number or other unspecified impact on the cell rendering the signal you received specific for your target.

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