Drug induced lupus

Through various mechanisms some drugs may give lupus like syndromes as a side effect. They may activate a latent lupus or cause a separate syndrome called drug induced lupus. The symptom comprises a constellation of systemic symptoms like fever, myalgia, arthritis and rashes. Renal effects and CNS symptoms are unusual. Differences and similarities between drug-induced lupus and spontaneous lupus are shown in the table below. The medicines that are mainly associated with drug induced lupus are procainamide, hydralazine, diltiazem and anti-TNF (tumour necrosis factor) preparations.

Indications: Suspicion of drug induced lupus or vasculitis.

Patients with renal complications often have necrotizing glomerulonephritis that may be associated with P-ANCA, where the antibodies are usually directed against MPO or lactoferrine. Organ symptoms in SLE and drug induced lupus. TABLE