The Wieslab® anti GBM test kit is an ELISA for detection and semi-quantitation of IgG antibodies to glomerular basement membrane (GBM) in human sera.

The assay is used to detect antibodies in a single serum specimen and the results of the assay are to be used as an aid to the diagnosis of Goodpasture syndrome. Goodpasture syndrome is characterised by lung haemorrhage, renal failure and the presence of anti-GBM antibodies.

As there are several other autoimmune diseases which may present with similar symptoms, this kit is a useful aid in differentiation between these diseases.

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At a glance

Product code GP104X
Assay target GBM antibodies
Size 96 wells
Technology ELISA
Read-out of results
Range 10-320 U/ml
Assay time 2h
Detection system ALP/pNPP read at 405 nm
Regulatory status IVD, CE labeled, 510(k) FDA

What's in the box?

  • One frame with strips (12x8) coated with GBM antigen (alfa 3 chain) one lid sealed in a foil pack with a dry pack
  • 1,5 ml negative control (NC) containing human serum in diluent
  • 1,5 ml positive control (PC) containing human serum in diluent
  • 13 ml conjugate containing alkaline phosphatase-labelled antibodies to human IgG (blue colour)
  • 2 x 32 ml Diluent (Dil) containing PBS (red colour)
  • 13 ml Substrate pNPP. - 30 ml wash solution 30x concentrated
  • Five calibrators containing human serum in diluent. 1.5 ml Cal 1 = 320 U/ml, 1.5 ml Cal 2 = 160 U/ml, 1.5 ml Cal 3 = 80 U/ml, 1.5 ml Cal 4 = 40 U/ml, 1.5 ml Cal 5 = 10 U/ml.

All reagents in the kit are ready for use except wash solution and should be stored at 2-8° C. Remove only the number of strips needed for testing, resealing the aluminium package carefully.


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