Emergency Screening Service

Rapid Screening for Progressive Glomerulonephritis and Pulmonary-Renal syndrome

Our rapid screening service is a unique service, only available in Sweden that offers fast qualitative screening of PR3-ANCA, MPO-ANCA and anti-GBM.

We guarantee your answer by phone within one hour of receiving the sample - every day of the year.

As with all rapid screening, the specificity is not 100% and there may be false positive results in approximately 1% of the tested samples. All acute ANCA and GBM screening are confirmed by quantitative ELISA within the next following normal workday. The rapid screening should not be used as routine monitoring where quantitative tests are recommended. 

Acute Autoimmune Encephalitis (paraneoplastic- and/or non-paraneoplastic)

Acute assay for the screening of autoantibodies in autoimmune encephalitis and/or paraneoplastic syndromes – are offered through our Laboratory  weekdays 08:00-16:00 (CET). The turnaround time for this testing is <24 hours.

Access to Autoimmunity Experts

As with all our services, emergency screening includes free access to our autoimmunity experts for consultation on interpretation of results, further testing options, results implications and more. 

The speed of autoimmune test results can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

The emergency screening service for Progressive Glomerulonephritis and Pulmonary-Renal Syndrome is available from 08:00-22:00 (CET) all days of the week.    

When  you need to send a sample for rapid screening of PR3-ANCA, MPO-ANCA and anti-GBM - Call us on +46 40 53 76 60 to give us notice and information about when the sample is expected to arrive.  
If no answer on the standard phone number you should try to reach our Diagnostic Lab Manager Rita Martins Olofsson on +46 73 04 53 041 or VP Laboratory Services, Michael Akoh on +46 70 262 37 15


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