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We have request forms available for Autoimmune Diagnostics, Neurology testing and Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals that lists the test panels and individual markers currently available.

Autoimmune Diagnostics


Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals (TDM)

Request Forms

We offer a comprehensive range of individual markers and test panels and welcome samples from customers worldwide.

Our test panels are developed to contain important parameters for several diseases within the same test package. We continue to invest in research and development of new tests, collaborating with leading scientists and institutions worldwide to find new possibilities - not only for diagnosis, but prognosis and theranostics as well.

The width, speed and accuracy of our testing services are one of the reasons our client list includes many of the leading laboratories and health care organizations in in Europe. Testing is available for most autoimmune diseases.

Our request forms lists the test panels and individual markers currently available for Autoimmune Diagnostics, Neurology testing and Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals. 

We´re constantly enhancing our testing portfolio through continuously evaluating and validating new testing services. 

Request form can be downloaded below. They are interactive and can be filled out electronically.

For genetic tests in Narcolepsy a Declaration of informed consent is required. The form must be signed by the patient and sent in together with the patient sample. The form can be downloaded here.

Ordering tests is simple

  1. Start out by filling out and printing the relevant request form.
  2. Select and mark the test panel or individual markers that you would like to be performed.
  3. Send the sample together with the request form to the following address:
    Wieslab AB,
    shipments sent via Courier or if the shipment contains dry ice: 
    Lundavägen 151, SE-21224 MALMÖ, Sweden
    shipments of padded envelopes and small boxes:
    Box 50117, SE-20211 Malmö, Sweden.
  4. The test result is available after 2-7 working days after receiving the sample: The test result will be mailed to the address which has been specified on the request form.

Note: Remember to read the sampling instructions carefully before submitting the sample.