Intrinsic factor antibodies

IndicationSuspicion of pernicious anemia or Atrophic gastritis (autoimmune metaplastic athrophic gastritis = AMAG).MethodRadioimmunoprecipitation with recombinant antigen.AnswerThe result is given as a ratio between patient serum and normal serum.InterpretationIntrinsic factor antibodies occur in 50-80 % of cases with pernicious anemia but also in an inherited form of atrophic gastritis – autoimmune metaplastic atrophic gastritis (AMAG) when the immune response is directed against parietal cells and intrinsic factor. The antibodies can either block the binding of vitamin B12 to intrinsic factor or block the receptor.

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Intrinsic factor-antikroppar

IndikationMisstanke om perniciös anemi.MetodRadioimmunoprecipitation med rekombinant antigen.SvarResultatet anges som kvot mellan patientserum och normalserum.TolkningIntrinsic faktor autoantikroppar är specifika för perniciös anemi och förekommer i 50-80% av fallen. Antikropparna kan antingen blockera bindning av vitamin B12 till intrinsic factor eller blockera receptorn.

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