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What are iLite Functional Bioassays?

iLite Functional Bioassays are based on a reporter gene system that offers a convenient and powerful way of measuring and quantifying drug potency, detecting NAbs, and assessing immunogenicity.

Receptors, specific for a certain target or ligand, are expressed on the surface of a cell. Once a ligand binds to the receptor, an intracellular signaling cascade is triggered, which activates a luciferase reporter gene.

The importance of functional bioassays

Bioassays using reproducible cell lines are essential components of the analytical package. Functional bioassays based on luminescence are known to be very robust, delivering high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. An additional advantage of iLite cells is that they are delivered in an assay-ready format for superior ease of use.

This format gives the assay a rapid turnaround time – all iLite assays are performed within a workday or at most overnight.


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