We would like to inform you regarding Wieslab Diagnostic Services opening hours during National Holidays in 2023

The Laboratory will be closed the following dates:

April 7 – Good Friday (Friday)

April 10 – Easter Monday (Monday)

May 1 – Labor Day (Monday)

May 18 - Ascension Day (Thursday)

June 6 - Swedish National Day (Tuesday)

June 23 - Swedish Midsummer (Friday)

Dec 25 - Christmas Day (Monday)

Dec 26 – 2nd Day of Christmas (Tuesday)

On June 5th and May 19th, the Laboratory is opened 08:00-16:00, but with a reduced workforce.
Please take this in to consideration when sending samples to us.

The URGENT tests (neurology) in case of suspicion of autoimmune encephalitis and / or paraneoplastic syndromes will still be performed during normal working hours. Please call +46 40 53 76 60 to let us know when an urgent test is on its way to the laboratory. 

Best Wishes,
Wieslab Diagnostic Services team