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About us

Life science is always asking new questions. It’s essential to the discovery process.

As science moves forward, more and more innovative tools and techniques emerge that will change the field of life science and healthcare. Someone has to provide stable and reliable solutions for identifying the right techniques and generating solid data from them. That’s where we come in.
Svar Life Science is a Swedish group of companies that invents, develops, and applies the best assay technology for drug development and clinical diagnostics with the goal to deliver new solutions tailored to customer requirements. We establish practical platforms for clinical routine testing, work to secure relevant competencies by sharing best practices and knowledge and our partnerships enable us to deliver flexible solutions depending on specific needs. 
We work to deliver the right answers at the right time to improve patient care and accelerate drug development. You can be sure of our answers: we’ve been working right across the clinical diagnostic value chain for more than 30 years. 

Who we are and what we do

We are specialists in autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases and oncology, providing tailored cell-based and immunoassays and dedicated laboratory solutions for biopharma companies and clinical diagnostic labs through our worldwide partner network.

Simply put, we can provide the answers that our customers need throughout the entire drug development value chain – from early discovery through the clinical phases – in addition to tools for effective patient diagnosis and monitoring.

By helping to push the boundaries in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, we contribute to the improvement of patient care. 

Svar means answers in Swedish. If you have questions, we can help you find the right answers. Ask us today.



Dedicated bioanalytical and diagnostic services 

Wieslab is our bioanalytical and diagnostic laboratory services offering large molecule bioanalytical services for pharma and biotech clients, as well as clinical diagnostic testing for clinicians and laboratories worldwide.


The Calprotectin Company 

Calpro AS is our Norwegian based bio-tech company dedicated to research and development of Calprotectin based diagnostic tests. Focussing on one specific biomarker, the company has a knowledge base unlike any other.