Svar’s main contribution to the global sustainable development agenda is closely aligned with our mission – to work in close partnership and provide innovative solutions and the answers in life science, that support our partners that deliver improved quality of life.

We see sustainability as a part of our operational processes and aim to have a sustainability perspective integrated into our decision. Our sustainability initiatives are integrated into the business, and we work to reduce our climate impact with the goals of the Paris Agreement as a guiding star.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (1)-1

We maintain high quality and high ethical standards in all our undertakings, with respect for basic human rights, and we take responsibility for our role in the global society, the environment, our local communities, and towards everyone we work with.


We have identified three focus areas within sustainability that are considered essential:



Environmental footprint



Including environment, product data, materials, and waste disposal.

12Social Responsibility

Including internal employer commitment, business ethics, compliance, and external corporate and local programs that give back to the societies.


Our framework for our environmental footprint provides structure and consistency for various initiatives, which sets the group in a proactive rather than reactive situation in terms of environmental focus.

Our environmental footprint framework focuses on the following:

  • General environmental work
  • Compliance with environmental legislation
  • Materials and chemicals (components)
  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Suppliers
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We believe that professional and responsible business practices include compliance with local laws, and regulations and compliance with accepted and widespread international legal conventions, agreements, and ethical standards. 
To conduct business honestly, fairly, and ethically and follow ethical rules Svar has adopted guidelines - a code of ethics - which lays down guidelines to promote openness, trust, and integrity in fair business practices. Our code of ethics regulates ethical choices among other business relations, agreements, advice, and representation.

UN SDGs - 16


As part of the global community, we are responsible for doing what we can to improve the lives of others.

We are committed to delivering healthcare answers that impact human lives, and we believe in raising awareness of the importance of ensuring education and gender equality.

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