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We offer functional and biomarker assays that can be used to explore every angle of complement system-involvement in a wide range of application areas.

  • Reliable, objective and easy-to-interpret results
  • Results in just a few hours – optimize time usage with Svar's biomarker and functional complement assays
  • Low inter-assay variability and excellent reproducibility
  • Based on the well-established and flexible ELISA and reporter-gene technology
  • Developed by our in-house experts in collaboration with key opinion leaders
  • Ready-to-use reagents for a streamlined workflow
  • Excellent specificity means clear results without false positives
  • Only company to offer exploration of all three complement system pathways individually
  • Increase the resolution of amplification loop research with our novel functional Factor P assays

Reliable, objective and easy-to-interpret results in just a few hours

Based on the well-established and robust ELISA technology, our products can be used in standard setups as well as automated setups with ELISA robots. Ready-to-use reagents contribute to the ease-of-use of the assays.

Svar’s complement activity biomarker assays offer excellent specificity, which means that you get easy-to-interpret data without having to worry about false positives. In addition, our assays offer low batch-to-batch variation compared to hemolytic methods – where erythrocytes can differ between lots – which means more consistent and robust results.

Taken together, you can get reliable and objective results in as little as 2-4.5 hours – drastically reducing time spent compared to hemolytic assays.

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Long experience and a proven track-record

The complement system is an integral part of the innate immune response. Given its important role in many human disorders, complement activation studies are important in a wide range of applications – from drug development and medical device safety to clinical diagnostics and basic research.

Svar has over 15 years’ experience of complement system assay development. Our complement system assays have been developed by our experienced scientists in close collaboration with key opinion leaders, to yield sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use products for the exploration of most aspects of the complement system.

Four main product categories

Our complement portfolio is divided into the following categories:

Biomarker assays

Ideal for detection of complement activation or dysregulation in the complement system.

Functional assays

Perform analyses of all three pathways to get the full picture of the complement system or zoom in on the amplification loop with our Factor P functional assay.

Cell-based assays

iLite® cell-based functional reporter-gene assay in an assay-ready format. Enables a fast, streamlined work process with low variability.

Flexi Solutions

Complement products for your flexible assay setup on automated platforms of your choice.

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The complement system is a complex system composed of a large number of proteins that act in a sequential cascade. 

The complement system consists of three different pathways called the classical, lectin and alternative pathways. The activation of each pathway is triggered by different mechanisms/components.