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The increased awareness and interest in the complement system has augmented the need for a simple and objective method to assess the function and activity of complement. 

The Svar complement portfolio consists of activity markers and assessment of function for all three pathways in simple and accurate ELISA format.

The newest additions to our complement portfolio are our highly specific complement activity markers Complement C4d and Complement TCC.  

  Activity Markers  

Functional Assays


Don´t forget that all our complement assays are available through our Laboratory Services for research projects in drug development and as clinical routine testing.

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Learn more about our Bioanalytical Services and how we can make a difference in your drug development project, such as:

  • development of complement therapies - validation of drug targets and batch release
  • complement activation in pre-clinical and clinical trials - evaluation of off-target reactions
  • new treatment concepts for complement drugs - development of treatment algorithms and monitoring regimens

How does the Complement System work?

The complement system is a complex system composed of a large number of proteins that act in a sequential cascade. 

The complement system consists of three different pathways called the classical, lectin and alternative pathways. The activation of each pathway is triggered by different mechanisms/components.

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