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iLite® Cell-based Solutions

Solutions based on the iLite reporter gene technology, modified and adapted for applications during the whole drug development continuum as well as for monitoring of biological drugs.

Complement System Solutions

The Svar Complement Portfolio consist of simple and objective assays that provide a complete picture of the complement system by assessing the functionality and activity of complement. 

Wieslab Bioanalytical Services

Specialist bioanalytical service laboratory centered on large molecules (biologics and biosimilars). CRO services according to  GCP, GLP, and ISO 17025 with versatile solutions for the whole drug development continuum.

Calprotectin Solutions (Calpro)

High quality total solutions for Calprotectin analysis. From fully automated systems, to home monitoring of patients with IBD.
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Wieslab Request forms

Our diagnostic service laboratory offer clinical testing specialized in autoimmunity assessment. Our request forms available for Autoimmune Diagnostics, Neurology testing and Monitoring of Biopharmaceuticals that list the test panels and individual markers currently available. 

Please note that the forms can be downloaded, are interactive and can be filled out electronically.


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