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Svar Life Science uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small text file which the website you visit saves on your computer. The next time you visit the same website, the computer remembers that you have been there before. Cookies are used for certain features that make the website better for the user. On the Svar Life Science website, we use cookies only on login and similar activities. We do not save any personal information in the cookies, and no information about you as a visitor can be traced through the cookies.

According to the EU Cookie Directive, which entered into force on 2009, companies are required to obtain your consent to place and access data (like cookies) on your digital device. 

If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can change the settings in your browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) so that it does not permit cookies.

Information about the cookies on Svar Life Science

Svar Life Science uses cookies and cookie-like technologies to remember user settings such as language preferences and recently viewed products or diagnostic tests. These cookies have a lifetime of 30 days and are used to improve the user experience. They are not used for analytics, advertising, or user tracking.

In addition, we use third-party cookies from Google and HubSpot:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses a set of cookies to collect information and report site usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. ‘_ga’, the main cookie used by Google Analytics, enables a service to distinguish one visitor from another and lasts for 2 years. Any site that implements Google Analytics, including Google services, uses the ‘_ga’ cookie. Each ‘_ga’ cookie is unique to the specific property, so it cannot be used to track a given user or browser across unrelated websites.

Google Ads

Google Ads use cookies for advertising, including serving and rendering ads, personalizing ads, limiting the number of times an ad is shown to a user, muting ads you have chosen to stop seeing, and measuring the effectiveness of ads.

The ‘NID’ cookie is used to show Google ads in Google services for signed-out users, while the ‘ANID’ and ‘IDE’ cookies are used to show Google ads on non-Google sites. If you have personalized ads enabled, the ‘ANID’ cookie is used to remember this setting and lasts for 13 months in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK), and 24 months everywhere else. If you have turned off personalized ads, the ‘ANID’ cookie is used to store that setting until 2030. The ‘NID’ cookie expires 6 months after a user’s last use. The ‘IDE’ cookie lasts for 13 months in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK), and 24 months everywhere else.


This website uses third-party cookies from HubSpot. These cookies are used for website analytics and have a lifetime of 6 months.

You can opt out of all advertising and tracking cookies by clicking on the “Decline Non-Essential” button when the cookie information prompt is shown. This prompt can be manually triggered by pressing the “Cookie Settings” button at the bottom left on all pages of this website.

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