Accelerating workflows for Calprotectin and Complement (C4d, TCC) biomarker assays with nanoliter-scale, microfluidic immunoassays

Listen to the on-demand webinar originally presented at the SelectScience Virtual Biopharmaceutical Summit 2020 by Ali Qamar, Product Manager at Svar Life Science.

This webinar is a collaboration between Svar Life Science & Gyros Technologies on "Accelerating workflows for calprotectin and complement (C4d, TCC) biomarker assays with nanoliter-scale, microfluidic immunoassays".

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the disease states where monitoring of C4d, TCC, and calprotectin are utilized
  • Learn about the advantages of microfluidic, nanoliter-scale automated immunoassays for biomarker analysis
  • Understand assay performance and advantages over ELISA for the C4d, TCC, and calprotectin Gyrolab immunoassays

Who Should Attend

  • Scientists involved in drug development for autoimmune and infectious diseases or inflammatory diseases in academics, biotech, or pharma settings
  • Researchers utilizing biomarker immunoassays on human clinical samples
  • Bioanalytical groups in pharma or contract research organizations (CROs)
SelectScience Webinar Svar-Gyros Collaboration

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