Effector and Target cells engineered to work optimally together - a system that is greater than the sum of its parts

iLite® ADCC & ADCP Bioassays

The iLite Fc Effector Reporter Gene Bioassays Portfolio consists of a range of reporter gene cell lines and antigen-specific target cells that can be used in biologically relevant, MOA-reflective assays to measure the Fc effect of antibodies and other biologics that specifically bind and activate Fc receptors.

They are based on a Luciferase reporter gene system and offer a convenient and powerful way of measuring the efficacy of antibodies to elicit ADCC and ADCP in vitro.

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Want to know how the iLite ADCC and ADCP system performs and how it compares to that of a leading competitor in terms of sensitivity and dynamic range?


Greater than the sum of its parts

The iLite Fc Effector Activity Bioassays portfolio offers a full range of assay-ready reporter cell lines for the determination of antibody-receptor binding affinity as well as the mechanism of action regarding antibody-dependent, Fc-mediated immune effector function.

By combining cleverly engineered effector cells, that closely resemble the natural Fc signal transduction pathway, with homologous target cells with a controlled antigen expression (+) or depletion (-).

Taken together, the iLite Fc Effector portfolio offers unparalleled sensitivity for each target and a system that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The iLite product portfolio is provided in an “assay-ready” format for a rapid and convenient workflow and a further reduction in assay variability, enabling their use in antibody screening, characterization, stability, and potency studies.

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The product range comprises of Effector Cells and Target Cells. The target cell over-expresses the antigen on the cell surface.
Once the drug antibody binds to the antigen on the target cell and the FcγRIIIa (ADCC) or FcγRIIa (ADCP) receptor of the effector cell binds to the Fc region of the antibody, several pathways are activated that induce a firefly luciferase reporter gene.
ADCC Effector Cell Line

Learn more about of FcγRIIIa/CD16 effector cell line  - how it works, its applications, and performance data
Target Cell Lines

Learn more about our range of targets cells, uniquely engineered to work with the iLite Fc effector cell lines  
ADCP Effector Cell Line 

Learn more about of FcγRIIa/CD32 effector cell line  - how it works, its applications, and performance data


The iLite® Fc Effector and Target cell lines Portfolio encompass Effector cells and positive and negative Target cells engineered to work optimally together - creating a system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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