iLite® T-cell Activation Bioassays 

A Biological Relevant and powerful way to assess CD3 induced T-cell activation

iLite® CD3 Effector Cell/ T-Cell Activation Bioassays

The iLite CD3 Effector Cell line is a reporter gene cell line that offers a convenient and powerful way of measuring the efficacy antibodies have to elicit  T cell activation through CD3  interactions. 

In recent years, a variety of immunotherapy strategies aimed at inducing, strengthening, and/or engineering T cell responses have emerged as promising approaches for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and autoimmunity. With the iLite CD3 Effector cell -  a cleverly engineered effector cell that closely resembles the natural engagement of the TCR/CD3 complex, and homologous target cells with a controlled antigen expression (+) or depletion (-),  this can be assessed with a robust assay.



The iLite  T-Cell Activation Bioassays is a dual cell system based on bioluminescent cell-based assays. The portfolio consists of cell lines provided in an “assay-ready” format for a rapid and convenient workflow and a further reduction in assay variability and can be used for the discovery and development of novel biologics such as bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapies.


iLite CD3 Effector Cell line


T-Cell Activation in vivo
A mechanism of cell-mediated immune defense

T cells play a central role in cell-mediated immunity and can mediate long-term, antigen-specific, effector, and memory responses. 

T cell activation requires activation of two signals in T cells: recognition of antigen through the TCR/CD3 complex and CD28 co-stimulation via CD80/CD86. Co-engagement of these receptors on the cell surface leads to intracellular signaling events and the activation of nuclear transcription factors such as Nuclear Factor of Activated T cells (NFAT), NF-kB, and AP-1.


To be activated, the T-cells must receive several signals through antigen-presenting cells and engagement of the CD3/TCR Complex. Additional signals are provided by co-stimulatory molecules and their interactions. Many bi-specific antibody-based therapeutics utilize this activation pathway to induce a targeted immune response from the body's own T-cells.  The iLite T-cell activation product line offers a convenient and powerful way of measuring the efficacy of antibodies to elicit this effect in vitro.  

Luminescence is based on the crosslinking of CD3 complex, antibody, and target

The T-cell activation process is triggered when the effector cell interacts with a drug antibody bound to its target cell. The CD3 complex on the surface of the effector cell binds to the CD3 part of the antibody, thus creating a bridge between the effector and target cells.

Following the formation of this bridge, the engineered effector cells will, instead of activating the T-cell as in the in vivo situation, produce luciferase through an intracellular pathway and generate luminescence exclusively from this cross-linking and signaling. The strength of the luminescence correlates to the ability of the drug to activate the T-cells. 

A normalization gene for easy comparisons between samples

Like most iLite cell lines, the iLite CD3 Effector Cells also have a secondary luciferase readout from a luciferase gene expressed under the control of a constitutive promoter. This enables normalization of each individual readout according to cell number and compensates for potential matrix effects.



APPLICATIONS for the iLite® T-Cell Activation Bioassay

Novel biologics formats, including bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cell therapies, require robust, reproducible measurement of T cell activation.

The iLite CD3 T-Cell activating  Reporter Bioassay is designed for evaluating CD3 mediated T-cell activation, exhibits greatly reduced variability, and offers an easier workflow than traditional T-cell activation Assays. 

 Applications such as

  • Potency lot release and
  • Antibody screening
  • Assessing the comparability between innovators and biosimilars


Engineered, homologous, and specific target cells that enable screening for antibody induced effector functions

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