Robust Detection of Total AAV Antibodies

ELISA Solutions for AAV Total Antibody Assessment

In the dynamic landscape of gene therapy, understanding immunogenicity is paramount, and developing AAV capsids for gene therapy that go unnoticed by the immune system is challenging; getting the tools to support your vector design to minimize safety concerns and improve therapeutic efficacy is key. 

Discover our ELISA-based customizable AAV TAb platform –to accurately, efficiently & routinely monitor immune responses against AAV capsids.

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Simplicity & Flexibility of Two-Step ELISA TAb Platform

Our new AAV-TAb custom ELISA allows for the determination and quantification of total antibody binding to AAV vectors of different serotypes, including any potential custom capsid. This is achieved using your unique AAV preparation, eliminating the need for a surrogate AAV. Embrace the simplicity and flexibility of our two-step ELISA TAb platform today!


Principle of the Platform:

1. Capture of Anti-AAV Antibodies: Anti-AAV antibodies present in the sample bind to the vector during this step. 

2. Detection of Anti-AAV Antibodies: Detection is accomplished using an enzyme-conjugated antibody generating a signal proportional to the TAb concentration 

Why Immunogenicity Assessment Matters

Gene therapy is a revolutionary medical approach that modifies host cell DNA to treat and prevent diseases. At its core, gene therapy involves the precise alteration, addition, or deletion of genetic material to correct or modify the function of genes. It is predominantly carried out using different vector types to insert the genetic material.

To ensure the effectiveness and safety of gene therapy, advanced bioassays are required to determine the immunogenicity of the vector and genetic cargo.

One common carrier is AAV vectors; AAVs are non-pathogenic, have low immunogenicity, and efficiently deliver genetic material to both dividing and non-dividing cells, making them attractive for therapeutic applications.

It is essential to develop AAV capsids that can evade detection by the immune system. Pre-existing anti-AAV antibodies can obstruct transgene transfection, making gene therapy ineffective.

Since many individuals have been exposed to the wild-type AAV virus, with up to 90% having prior exposure, often in early childhood, approximately 50% of the population typically carries antibodies against the different AAV serotypes. This underscores the critical need for accurate immunogenicity assessment.

Key Features of the AAV TAb Assay

Customization for Any Capsid

Our platform offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing the adaptation of the plate with any vector of choice. This capability makes it an indispensable tool in evaluating recombinant next-gen vectors, providing versatility for hybrid, chimeric, or semi-synthetic capsids.

Robust Total AAV Antibody Assay

The TAb assay employs an ELISA approach with AAV coating on the plate. This robust setup ensures trustworthy yet sensitive assays for detecting antibodies across various matrices, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

Quality in Every Aspect

Our AAV TAb Assay stems from our extensive immunoassay development expertise refined over years of research and innovation. Experience the confidence that comes from partnering with a company with a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality.


Optimize your Unique AAV vector Confidently with Our Expertise

With extensive knowledge of immunoassays, cell-based assays, and immunogenicity assessment in various pharma settings, Svar is an ideal partner, equipped with an extensive toolbox that can empower you to navigate the complex hurdles in Gene Therapy with confidence.

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