iLite® Master Cell Banks
– built for sustainability

master-cellbank_blue300x300Master Cell Bank Development

Get your own proprietary iLite® master cell bank – built for sustainability

Cell banks are vital for many biological projects as they provide a common starting point and assures a steady supply of cells with identical properties through the entire lifespan of the project.

We now offer cell-banking services for our iLite cell-lines – get your own proprietary master cell bank and benefit from a new level of traceability and sustainability.


Master cell banking - how it works

Svar Life Science can create a master cell bank from one of our off-the-shelf iLite cell lines exclusively for you. We offer secure storage of the cell bank at our facility. This master cell bank is then used as a starting point for the preparation of assay-ready cells that can be delivered as needed for your project.

With this arrangement, you to get deliveries of equivalent ready-to-use cells when you need them with clear traceability back to the original cells.   

Security and peace of mind

Svar Life Science has more than 15 years of experience growing and cryopreserving cells. We have the infrastructure and knowhow of working with cell banks. Our master and working cell banks are developed in a tiered approach to control origin and passage numbers of each batch of cells.

For your protection and peace of mind, master cell banks are stored in -150°C freezers at two access-controlled locations in our facilities.

Take advantage of our expertise

Get your proprietary iLite master cell bank and get the peace of mind of securely stored cells and a steady supply of cells through the project lifetime.


Want to get your own iLite master cell bank?

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