Test Service

Our goal is to always provide results within 5-7 days of receiving the sample.  Longer response time may apply to rare analyses (up to 4 weeks of Turn-around-time, TAT).

If any analysis is significantly delayed and may affect patient care, we will inform affected customers.


Urgent Test Service

For selected indications, where fast results are key for disease diagnosis and treatment decisions, we can provide results even faster within our urgent test service.

Analyses available for our urgent test service are listed below and can be selected on the respective Request Form.

If you want to know more about our Urgent Test Service, please call us on +46 40 53 76 60 or contact us via email.

The following tests are available as Urgent Test Service:



Reporting within 24h, weekdays 08:00-16:00 (CET). If the sample arrives to our laboratory before 10:00 am, the results will be reported on the same day. The following analyses are available as Urgent Test.

Neurology Request Form

Autoimmune Diagnostics Request Form



Order test reports from Wieslab Diagnostic Services electronically in the InfoSolutions platform LabPortalen

Wieslab and InfoSolutions' collaboration means that you as a Wieslab customer now can access your test results in the LabPortalen. LabPortalen is a CE-marked medical product that provides a complete and secure system for delivering electronic test results.

Electronic Test Results

Wieslab Diagnostics - Electronic Test Results

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