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Our long experience and knowhow of developing assay ready cells are now at your disposal.

Svar has over 15 years’ experience of working with assay-ready cells. Our entire portfolio of cell-based assays come in an assay ready format. 

Allow us to develop assay ready cells from your cell line of choice and get the low variability and convenience of ready-to-use cells.


The challenges of maintaining cell lines

There are a number of challenges in maintaining cells in continuous culture and harvesting as needed.

Traditionally, frozen aliquots of cells are thawed, cultured and then harvested between a specific range of passage numbers to avoid problems of changes in cell characteristics over time.

However, this approach is labor intensive and requires expensive consumables, lab space and equipment. Furthermore, it puts constrains on the timing of the assay as it must be performed within a certain time span. In addition, this technique can introduce variability as cells from successive harvests may have undergone different treatments.

Assay ready cells to the rescue

Many of the challenges of maintaining cell lines are overcome by using assay ready cells.

Such ready-to-use cells are stored as frozen uniform aliquots that can be thawed and used in an assay without pre-culturing.

Use of assay ready cells can dramatically lower batch-to-batch variability as the cells are more uniform and the time from thawing to assay is much shorter than can be achieved through traditional methods.

In addition, it offers the convenience of thaw-and-go without the problems associated with culturing the cells yourself.

Take advantage of our expertise

Get assay ready cells from your custom cell line and enjoy all the benefits of ready-to-use cells.


How to get your custom assay ready cells

  1. We discuss your needs and agree on project specifications and objectives.

  2. You transfer the master cell bank to us

  3. We create a working cell bank from the master cell bank

  4. We produce batches of cryopreserved assay-ready cells


Want to get started with assay ready cells?

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