Meso Scale Discovery (MSD®)

The MSD technology enables researchers to profile biomarkers such as cytokines and intracellular signaling proteins, which has a direct impact on the drug discovery process.

MSD (Meso Scale Discovery) is a method similar to ELISA except MSD uses electrochemiluminescence (ECL) as a detection technique as opposed to a colormetric reaction employed by ELISA. 

Meso Scale Discovery has developed proprietary technology for the measurement of molecules in biological samples. The MULTI ARRAY technology of the MSD platform provides both high sensitivity and multiplex functionality and just like ELISA there are many assay variations that are possible with MSD. 

Meso Scale Discovery can be used for:

  • Immunogenicity - in-house developed and validated
  • Bioanalysis for drug concentration - in-house developed and validated
  • Bioanalysis for biomarkers - in-house developed and validated or from a large range of cytokines and other biomarker assays as off-the-shelf kits from MSD

MSD’s combination of electrochemiluminescence and MULTI‑ARRAY technology provides unsurpassed sensitivity and multiplex functionality making it an exceptional detection system.

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