Reliable Assessment of Antibody-Driven
AAV Immunogenicity

Gene Therapy Solutions

We offers solutions within functional bioassays, both cell based and Ligand binding, Immunogenicity assessment and Mode of Action reflecting cell based potency assays. We also offer solutions for AAV induced complement activation – all intended to support your analytical needs within every phase of the drug development continuum.

So, how can we ensure your gene therapy project reaches its full potential?

By harnessing the power of our robust analytical platforms and drawing on the insights gained from our diagnostic and bioanalytical services, we can help you tackle the challenges of creating bioassays tailored specifically for your gene therapy projects. Collaborating closely with major clients, we have specialized in customizing cell-based and immunoassays for potency testing and immunogenicity assessment, precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of your project.

Gene therapy presents a host of analytical challenges not typically encountered with conventional biopharmaceutical products. From assessing product potency to the presence of anti-AAV antibodies (NAb/TAb) our expertise ensures you're equipped to navigate these complexities with confidence.

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