Cell-based Complement Assays

- A New Way to Study the Complement System

Cell-based Complement Assays

Our cell-based complement assays offer a new way of studying the complement system. Based on iLite® technology, these assays use a reporter gene system to detect the presence of the complement component for which they were designed. iLite assays offer excellent sensitivity and specificity which ensures that you get accurate results. As an added convenience, all iLite cell lines come assay-ready – no cell culturing is required. This results in a faster workflow and dramatically improved reproducibility and overall performance.

Svar Life Science has long experience in creating iLite assays and has worked with many pharmaceutical companies to develop assays for drug activity quantification and immunogenicity. 

Our cell-based complement assays are excellent additions to our complement portfolio and allow researchers to explore the complement cascade with even greater precision than before.



How it works

iLite cells express receptors on their cell surfaces that are specific for the complement component for which they were designed. When a complement component binds to its receptor, an intracellular signaling cascade is initiated which will result in the expression of luciferase. The amount of luciferase generated can be used to calculate the amount of the complement component in the sample. Many iLite assays also include a second constitutively expressed luciferase gene which can be used for normalization.

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