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Wieslab strives to be at the forefront of autoimmunity and neurology testing and stay up to date with new research findings and guidelines. Therefore, we continuously evaluate, develop and validate new testing services to constantly update our test portfolio. We have the pleasure to inform you ... Read more
The Danish-Swedish life science cluster is a partnership between three organizations (Medicon Valley Alliance, Invest in Skåne & Copenhagen Capacity) which is a part of Greater Copenhagen.  In order to increase interest in the region from companies and investors, and to promote Danish and ... Read more
In a recent collaboration between Svar Life Science and Genovis, the effects of TransGLYCIT, a transglycosylation modifying enzyme that modifies human IgG1 to carry different glycoforms, on the elicit ADCC (Antibody-dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity) activity was evaluated using the iLite ADCC ... Read more
As a company invested and dedicated to the complement pathway, Svar would like to support the science that will increase our collective understanding of how this system works and how it can be used and targeted to create new therapies in the future. The Svar Complement Excellence Award is a prize ... Read more