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The new Svar Flexi Solutions allow users to independently set up, customize and optimize a Flexi assay based on existing Svar Life Science and Calpro assays on automated platforms of your choice. The Flexi product portfolio consist of assay components recommended to be set up as 3-step sandwich ... Read more
It is well known that COVID-19 commonly affects the respiratory system in patients. However, symptoms also include neurological symptoms, such as headache and loss of the sense of smell. In fact, reports from Wuhan in China indicated that there was CNS involvement in just over one third of patients ... Read more
CD20 is a protein expressed on the surface of B-cells from an early phase of development until cell maturity. Although the physiological ligand and exact biological function of CD20 is still unknown, it is believed to act as a calcium ion channel in the cell membrane. CD20 is clinically interesting ... Read more
A new way to study the complement system  Svar Life Science has a long and proud history of offering products and services for the study of the complement system. Our assays were developed in collaboration with key opinion leaders in the complement system field to offer fast and reliable ... Read more