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Who we are

Life science is always asking new questions.
It's essential to the discovery process.

As Life Science moves forward, more and more innovative tools and techniques emerge that will change the field of life science and healthcare. Someone has to provide stable and reliable solutions for identifying the right techniques and generating solid data from them. That's where we come in.

Svar Life Science, a Swedish group of companies, specializes in inventing, developing, and applying the best assay technology for drug development and clinical diagnostics. We aim to deliver tailored solutions, create practical platforms for routine clinical testing, and share knowledge to enhance competencies through partnerships.

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We work to deliver the right answers at the right time to improve patient care and accelerate drug development. With over 30 years of experience in the clinical diagnostic value chain, we excel in autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases, and oncology, offering customized cell-based and immunoassays for biopharma companies and clinical labs worldwide.

We cover the entire drug development value chain, from discovery to clinical phases, and provide tools for effective patient diagnosis and monitoring. By pushing boundaries in drug discovery and diagnostics, we contribute to better patient care.



Svar means answers in Swedish.


We're here to help you find the right answers to your questions.

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What we do

Off-the-Shelf Products

We specialize in complement system assessment, the development of cell-based assays, and innovative calprotectin solutions.

Our expansive life science product portfolio is designed to support drug development, disease management, and diagnosis. We provide immunoassays and Mechanism of Action (MoA) cellular assays catering to all phases of drug development, serving commercial labs, research facilities, and clinical diagnostics.

CRO Services

We offer extensive bioanalytical services and in-house products to streamline the drug development process.

Our approach is customer-centric, supporting Bioanalytical Services, Biomarker Discovery Services, and QC Testing Services. Our GxP-compliant lab ensures collaborative excellence in every project.

Custom Solutions

When standard products fall short, we specialize in designing personalized and reliable solutions for your assay development and production needs.

Our cell-based services include assay-ready cell development and the establishment of master cell banks, as well as the opportunity to get a tailored cell line developed and optimized for your specific target.

Diagnostic Testing Services

Our diagnostic services offer a comprehensive range, providing individual clinical diagnostic tests, test panels, urgent testing, and therapeutic drug monitoring to clinicians and laboratories globally.

Our Diagnostic Testing Services cover clinical routine testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, and the opportunity to partner with us for collaborative laboratory research.

We are committed to advancing scientific discovery through our expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Our Subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries complement and enhance our core business, and they are integral to our vision to be a leader of the development of tomorrow's life science solutions and serve the global life science market with tools for drug development and companion diagnostics solutions.

Wieslab AB

Wieslab, a part of Svar Life Science in Malmö, Sweden, specializes in delivering diagnostic laboratory services. Our focus areas encompass neuro-immunology, nephrology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology, offering an extensive range of esoteric clinical diagnostic tests for clinicians and laboratories worldwide.

Wieslab Diagnostic Services is committed to providing high-quality, fast laboratory services to meet your specific needs, offering one of the most comprehensive autoimmune testing services. We continuously update our test portfolio by evaluating, developing, and validating new testing services, ensuring we remain at the forefront of autoimmunity testing.

Quality is at the core of our operations. We were among the first private laboratories accredited by SWEDAC and now adhere to ISO 15189, meeting the high standards of Sweden and the EU. Our laboratory services also align with the Swedac Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) program, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our ultimate aim is to provide laboratory and clinical physicians with a reliable decision-making basis for patient treatment, offering fast and precise results.

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Calpro AS

Calpro AS, a Norwegian biotech company and part of the Svar Life Science family, is a leading force in the research and development of Calprotectin-based diagnostic tests. We specialize in harnessing the potential of this unique biomarker to transform diagnostics.

Calprotectin is a key protein, constituting about 60% of the cytosol of Neutrophils. It is released during immune system activation in response to infections and is pivotal in diagnosing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), differentiating it from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Calprotectin also plays a crucial role in tracking IBD patient progress, predicting relapses, and assessing treatment responses. Its stability, robustness, and localized release without synthesis make it a preferred biomarker for IBD and various other diseases.

We are committed to revolutionizing IBD patient care with E-Health, an emerging technology that allows patients to stay in remission for extended periods. Unlike phone or online consultations, E-Health provides objective data to healthcare providers. When implemented correctly, it offers immense benefits to patients, physicians, hospitals, and society. E-Health can significantly reduce the use of heavy medications, emergency admissions, surgeries, and costly treatments.

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Our History

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

For nearly three decades, Svar Life Science has been working with assay solution development for the global life science market. Rooted in a strong Scandinavian heritage, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, responsive services. Innovation, strategic partnerships, and a relentless pursuit of optimal solutions for patient care and drug development characterize our journey.

In 2018, Euro Diagnostica transformed into Svar Life Science, signifying our commitment to answers and our position as a key player in the dynamic life science sector.

Key milestones include joining forces with Calpro AS in 2017, expanding horizons with the 2014 acquisition of Biomonitor A/S, and enhancing expertise through the 2011 acquisition of Vita Diagnostika GmbH.

Throughout our history, milestones like the 2007 introduction of the CCPoint assay and the groundbreaking 2002 Anti-CCP2 assay have marked our dedication to revolutionizing diagnostics. Our journey began in 1992, offering assay solutions and evolving to serve the life science community while staying true to our Scandinavian heritage.

Today, Svar Life Science is a testament to our dedication to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge solutions and collaborative partnerships.

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We strongly believe that the sharing of knowledge, skills, and networks is not only a key driver for innovation but the key to pioneering new solutions and finding new partnering opportunities.

As a company that values innovation, we always seek new and exciting ideas and solutions for drug development and clinical diagnostics. We would love to hear from you!