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This scientific talk, presented at PEGS 2021, presents a highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay, providing a highly sensitive, rapid, precise method for quantifying NAb response to a wide range of recombinant AAV vectors. A highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay based on a packaging cell line ... Read more
This poster, presented at PEGS 2021, presents a technology, based upon the reporter gene assay format, that allows assessment and quantification of presence, activity, and function of a therapeutic AAV vector. Using a proprietary developed reporter gene cell line – the iLite cGMP/GC - it showcases ... Read more
Learn more about the process at Svar of designing, constructing, producing and validating a fit-for purpose potency assay for use in batch release of an AAV based gene therapy drug. In the Select Science editorial special feature "Advances in Drug Discovery", we describe the process of developing ... Read more