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Tune in to this webinar to learn how reporter-gene assays, in combination with complement system assays, can be used to determine drug mechanisms of action and the expected immune response. In this webinar, Therese Segerstein and Ali Qamar, explain how functional assays can be used in safe and ... Read more
This scientific talk, presented at PEGS 2021, presents a highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay, providing a highly sensitive, rapid, precise method for quantifying NAb response to a wide range of recombinant AAV vectors. A highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay based on a packaging cell line ... Read more
This poster, presented at PEGS 2021, presents a technology, based upon the reporter gene assay format, that allows assessment and quantification of presence, activity, and function of a therapeutic AAV vector. Using a proprietary developed reporter gene cell line – the iLite cGMP/GC - it showcases ... Read more
The surge in interest for developing therapeutic antibodies in the last few years has led to increased demand for reliable cell-based assays to assess the ability of these antibodies to elicit ADCC. In this white paper, we present data on the quantification of ADCC using cell-based iLite ADCC ... Read more