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Complement C1s and C4d as Prognostic Biomarkers in Renal Cancer: Emergence of Non-canonical Functions of C1s Join us in this presentation to learn about the role of the complement system in renal cancer. Duration: ~17 minutes  Speaker: M. Revel, M. A. Dragon-Durey and L.T. Roumenina from Cordeliers ... Read more
This scientific talk, presented at PEGS 2021, presents a highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay, providing a highly sensitive, rapid, precise method for quantifying NAb response to a wide range of recombinant AAV vectors. A highly sensitive iLite® reporter assay based on a packaging cell line ... Read more
Want to know more about IL-6 biology, inhibitors & COVID-19? In addition to their role in cancer, IL-6 family cytokines play essential roles in the regulation of inflammation and are important for responses such as acute-phase reactions and the development of autoimmunity. Moreover, there is ... Read more
The complement system appears to be at least in part contributing to coronavirus pathogenesis and drugs targeting components of the complement system could provide effective future therapeutics. In this online presentation, you will learn more about how our immune system deals with coronavirus ... Read more