News and Events

1 JANUARY - 31 DECEMBER 2021 2021 Scientific Highlights
The year 2021 is coming to a close, and despite the pandemic challenges, we can conclude that it was a hopeful year. In 2021, we were able to visit several live and virtual conferences, and together they form important arenas and establish great networks between thousands of scientific ... Read more
We hope to see you in our digital booth as we exhibit at the 28th ICW! The International Complement Workshop will cover lectures on complement in health and disease and emphasis will be given on the translational aspects. Renowned international speakers will cover exciting and recent newest ... Read more
Next week we are again traveling through cyberspace and our target is the 3rd Annual Gene Therapy Analytical Development Summit. This is a conference dedicated to optimizing analytical methods to guarantee safe, high-quality, consistent, and efficacious gene therapy products. We look forward to ... Read more
24 NOVEMBER - 26 NOVEMBER 2021 Visit our booth at the 14th EBF Open Symposium!
We are thrilled to return to Barcelona next week as we will exhibit and participate live at EBF, the landmark for bioanalytical discussions in Europe. The EBF Open Symposium has created a platform for open discussions of science, day-to-day procedures, business tools, technologies, and regulatory ... Read more