25 September 2019

Introducing: Gene Therapy

Join us as we explore the future of Gene Therapy 

Svar Life Science is in a unique position to offer assistance in any Gene Therapy project. We have extensive experience and knowledge within the field of cell-based assays, immunogenicity and potency through our diagnostic and bioanalytical services. With robust technologies and platforms suited for all phases of drug development, we are the ideal partner when venturing into this new and exciting area. We develop products and offer services to address the obstacles and analytical challenges involved in Gene Therapy.

Bringing the benefits of the iLite® technology to Gene Therapy

The Svar iLite® cell-based platform has a long track record of high reproducibility and ease-of-use. Our assay-ready cells provide fast and high-quality, biologically relevant results for a wide range of targets.

Off-the-shelf cell-based reporter gene assays

  • AAV responsive cell lines ideal for detecting antibodies against the viral vector in human serum
  • Robust in vitro assay for the measurement of therapeutic product potency
  • Measuring immunogenicity effects of therapeutic gene treatment (capsid, DNA cargo and protein)

Testing Services

  • Immunogenicity assessments
  • Potency / Batch release testing

Custom Development

We can tailor projects specific to your needs, mechanism of action and target, developing a cell line that is ideally fit for purpose.

We can help you realize the promise of Gene Therapy!

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Custom Development

Can't find the right solution for your project?

If the solutions you are looking for aren't available in our product portfolio, explore the possibility of a custom development project.

Bioanalytical Services

We can help accelerate and optimize your drug development programs

Our Bioanalytical Laboratory Services deliver bioanalytical excellence through a collaborative approach, they are happy to assist with your project.