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Biomarker research can be influential across all phases of drug development, from drug discovery and preclinical evaluations to clinical development and post-marketing studies. Biomarkers are important tools for informed decision-making and can include everything from proteins, peptides, cells, ... Read more
Biosimilars are biological medical products that are highly similar to already approved innovator drugs. In biosimilar development, the main goal is not to show safety and efficacy, but rather to demonstrate similarity to the innovator product in key areas, such as pharmacokinetics, ... Read more
A biosimilar is a biological medical product that is highly similar to an already approved “innovator” product. Unlike generics, which are identical copies of the approved product, biosimilars have small differences compared to the innovator product.   The first biosimilar was approved in the EU in ... Read more
18 FEBRUARY 2020 ADCC in vivo vs in vitro
In antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC), Fc receptor-bearing effector cells recognize and kill antibody-coated target cells that express tumor or pathogen-specific antigens on their surface.   Read more