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We are very excited to be back, in person, in the complement arena as we exhibit and sponsor the International Conference on Complement Therapeutics again. At Svar, we offer functional and biomarker assays that can be used to explore every angle of complement system involvement in a wide range of ... Read more
In a recent Select Science Editorial Article, Dr. Harald Messer, Gene Therapies Senior Scientist at Novartis, talks about the key considerations and challenges associated with developing biologically relevant cell-based assays that reflect mechanisms of action (MoA) and drug potency that represent ... Read more
In a recent interview by Select Science, Heather Watson, Senior Manager in the Immunochemistry Department at Labcorp highlights how the industry is improving patient care by delivering innovative solutions that support faster and more cost-effective treatment.   Read more
Our bodies’ fine-tuned mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis will react to any foreign substance considered a threat. One of our first defense mechanisms is the complement system, with the critical job of fighting off harm while recruiting the appropriate parts of the immune system to neutralize ... Read more