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NEW Complement solutions CITATION In this recent study, the Wieslab® Complement System Screen ELISA kit was used to determine the specificity of a novel monoclonal antibody that targets the Lectin Pathway. Read more
NEW iLite® CELLS CITATION This study employed custom-developed iLite® IL-23 and IFN-ɣ to set up a high-throughput cell-based screening strategy to identify small-molecule inhibitors of IL-23 signaling. The findings showed that assay performance was robust and allowed for identifying 24 selective ... Read more
NEW iLite® CELLS CITATION This new study employed iLite® FGF21 assay-ready to evaluate the protein stability of FGF21 during heating-mediated purification. The findings suggest that heated FGF21 retains its biological activity, similar to that of non-heated and commercial FGF21s. Read more
As a specialized diagnostic laboratory running Autoimmune Encephalitis (AE) and Paraneoplastic Neurological Syndrome (PNS) testing for ten years, we are proud to take part in the collaboration of the first study to estimate AE and PNS incidence rates in Sweden. According to the study, the incidence ... Read more