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GAIN A COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING OF AAV IMMUNOGENICITY ASPECTS Join our upcoming webcast presented by Nature Research Custom Media to learn: Important aspects of AAV efficacy and potency The significance, potential impact, and evaluation methods of the pre-existing humoral immune response to AAV ... Read more
Learn more about the impacts of encephalitis and why prompt, effective diagnosis is crucial to better patient outcomes in our webinar “Brains on Fire” with Dr. Ava Easton! Dr. Easton is Chief Executive of Encephalitis International, a researcher, and global expert on encephalitis. Date: 12 March, ... Read more
Are you looking for strategies to utilize GMP-compliant cell-based assays for your drug development effectively? Look no further than this Xtalks free webinar, where attendees will learn about cell-based potency assays fit for GMP QC testing. The featured speakers will discuss elements to be ... Read more