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Making decisions is part of life, from simple everyday choices to complex judgements that might affect someone’s life. Sometimes decisions are fast and intuitive, and sometimes they need to be well reasoned, analytical, evidence-based – especially when it comes to patient care.  During a patient’s ... Read more
On February 22nd 2021, we're putting focus on encephalitis. By engaging in the World Encephalitis day, we hope to increase global awareness of encephalitis, both infectious and Autoimmune Encephalitis (AE). By doing do save lives and build a better future. World Encephalitis Day is the global ... Read more
It is well known that COVID-19 commonly affects the respiratory system in patients. However, symptoms also include neurological symptoms, such as headache and loss of the sense of smell. In fact, reports from Wuhan in China indicated that there was CNS involvement in just over one third of patients ... Read more
Neurofilaments are parts of the cytoskeletal structure of neurons and are abundantly found in axons. They are important for maintaining size and providing structural support for the neuron. There are currently five known neurofilament proteins that can co-assemble in different combinations. ... Read more