iLite® Insulin


The insulin-responsive iLite® Insulin Assay Ready Cells provide the basis for the establishment of a rapid, sensitive, and highly specific assay for the quantification of insulin activity that can be completed within 6 hours.

iLite Insulin assay ready cells are avian DT-40 cells (ATCC#CRL211) which has been genetically engineered to be responsive to Insulin, resulting in the specific expression of Firefly Luciferase. Normalization of cell counts and serum matrix effects is obtained by a second reporter gene, a Renilla Luciferase reporter gene construct, under control of a constitutive promotor.

The assay can be used to quantify the activity of insulin or an insulin analog in human serum without interference from factors present in human serum, including IGF-1. In addition, iLite assay ready cells can be used for measuring the presence of neutralizing anti-insulin antibodies.

The ATCC® CRL-2111 cell line is used under a license from ATCC®


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iLite® Insulin
iLite® Insulin

At a glance

Product code BM3060
Assay target Insulin
Size 1 vial corresponding to one 96 well plate
Read-out of results Quantitative,
Assay time 5,5-6h
Detection system Luminescence
Regulatory status Research Use Only

What's in the box?

>250 µL of Assay Ready Cells suspended in RPMI 1640 with 20% heat inactivated fetal bovine serum (FBS), mixed 1:1 with cryoprotective medium from Lonza (Cat. No 12-132A).


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