iLite® HER2 (+) Target


The iLite® ADCC Target HER2 (+) Assay Ready Cells are human cells engineered to overexpress HER2 and optimized to give high sensitivity and specificity when used together with iLite ADCC Effector (V) Assay Ready Cells.

iLite ADCC Target HER2 (+) Assay Ready Cells are based on a human embryonic kidney cell line, HEK293*, and have been genetically engineered and optimized to express high and constant levels of the surface antigen HER2.

The cells are to be use as target cells together with iLite® ADCC Effector (V) Assay Ready Cells for measuring the ADCC activity of anti-HER2 antibodies.

* The HEK-293 cell line has been used under a license obtained from AdVec Inc.


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iLite® HER2 (+) Target
iLite® HER2 (+) Target

At a glance

Product code BM5011
Assay target ADCC
Assay target HER2
Size 1 vial corresponding to one 96 well plate
Read-out of results Quantitative,
Detection system Luminescence
Regulatory status Research Use Only

What's in the box?

>250 µL of iLite® Assay Ready Cells suspended in cryoprotective medium from Gibco (cat no 12648-010).


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