Complement C4d


The Complement C4d assay is a highly specific C4d ELISA kit for measurement of C4d in human plasma. The assay targets a unique cleavage epitope on C4d, which means that only the C4d is measured.

The C4d protein is a product of the classical and the lectin pathways and is increasingly recognized as a potential biomarker for diseases where antibodies can cause tissue damage, such as systemic autoimmune diseases.

C4d has the potential to detect patients at risk for the consequences of antibody-mediated disease and is also used during the development of new therapeutics that block complement activation to identify and monitor patients who may possibly benefit from these drugs.

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Complement C4d - RUO
Complement C4d - RUO

At a glance

Product code COMPL C4d RUO
Assay target C4d
Size 96 wells
Technology ELISA
Read-out of results Semi-quantitative,
Range 0-400 ng/ml
Assay time 2h
Detection system HRP/TMB read at 450 nm
Regulatory status Research Use Only

What's in the box?

  • One frame with micro titer wells (12x8)
  • 1,5mL Low control
  • 1,5mL High control
  • 2x30 mL Diluent
  • 15 mL Conjugate
  • 15 mL Substrate TMB
  • 15 mL Stop solution
  • 30 mL Wash solution, 30x concentrated
  • 6 x 1,5mL vials with calibrators containing human recombinant C4d - 0 ng/mL, 5ng/mL, 25 ng/mL, 100ng/mL, 200ng/mL and 400ng/mL

Please note: All reagents in the kit are ready to use except the wash solution. The reagents should be stored at 2-8°C. Components from different lots shall not be mixed. When stored at 2-8°C the diluted wash solution is stable until the date of expiration of the kit.


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