Complement System Applications

Svar Life Science offers functional and biomarker assays that can be used to explore every angle of the complement system. Here, we present some commonly used applications of our complement portfolio.    

Drug Development

Use the same assay throughout the drug development continuum

Svar offers easy-to-use assays for complement inhibitory drug development research. Our complement system assays can be used throughout the entire drug development continuum.

Use our Wieslab® functional ELISA kits to screen for new drug compounds targeting different complement proteins.

Efficacy and potency of complement-targeted drugs can be efficiently determined using our assays. This application has been described in a number of high-impact scientific papers and complement conference presentations.

Once a complement drug enters into clinical trials, the effect of the drug can be reliably monitored using one of our functional assays or by measuring complement activity.

By using our complement system assays, you can use of the same streamlined workflow throughout the entire drug development continuum.

The format of the assay can be used with a wide variety of open systems, individual research protocols and automation. This has made the Wieslab® Complement assays much-appreciated by the biotech and pharma industry. 

Drug Safety

Ideal for use in drug safety

Many patients are affected by adverse reactions that might be complement activation. These reactions are critical and can lead to death.

Complement activity biomarkers can be used successfully to determine if a drug is toxic, or if a reaction is due to other related issues, such as “infusion reactions” and more specifically complement activation-related pseudoallergy (CARPA).

Infusion reactions have been reported for several pharmaceuticals such as biologicals and nanomedicines.

Svar’s portfolio of biomarkers are ideally suited to determine if the complement system is involved in a specific patient reaction.

The guidelines for what investigations are needed for new biological drugs includes investigation for complement activation in the toxicological stage as well as in clinical trials.

Our easy-to-use TCC assay is a general complement activity marker that can be used to detect if any of the three pathways has been activated. The levels of TCC correspond to the overall complement activity in the body.


Providing safer treatment

When developing a new material that will come in contact with blood, there is a risk that the compound itself will be immunogenic. Consequently, these materials need to be tested before they are used in patients.

Complement activation as a result of exposure to the biomaterial represents an important immunogenic area that needs to be explored. Tests should be performed to determine if any of the three pathways are activated. If so, further tests should be performed using specific complement biomarkers.

Our complement portfolio consists of assays to detect if any of the pathways have been activated as well as specific biomarkers.

Complement activity biomarkers are recommended to predict possible adverse reactions from medical devices such as grafts, stents, hemodialysis and cardiopulmonary bypass, but can also be used for biological drugs and nanomedicines. For example, complement TCC is part of the recommended tests for assessing complement activation according to ISO standard 10993-4.

Clinical Applications

Svar offers an easy-to-use method to detect complement deficiency in patients. Wieslab complement ELISA kits were developed by global key opinion leaders and has a track record of being used by clinical laboratories since 2005.

As a unique advantage, Wieslab complement screening kits can be used to analyze all three pathways independently as an ELISA assay.

In addition, Wieslab ELISA kits can be used with ELISA robots which gives the added advantage of high throughput screening, which is difficult to achieve using traditional hemolytic methods. The results are given in hours compared to days!

Research Applications

Svar Life Science is working in close collaboration with academic researchers within the field of complement system. These key opinion leaders are in the forefront of performing basic research to translational research and development of new drugs. By our close collaboration, we are in a unique position of being able to identify next generation biomarkers that can be used within academic research and drug development to help patients suffering from diseases worldwide.

The field of complement research is growing each year and this interesting field is rapidly evolving. More and more diseases are being linked to the complement system. Svar’s assays are widely used in academic research and have been featured in a large number of scientific papers.

Wieslab functional assays have been used in academic research for monitoring drug potency and efficacy of complement drugs in the clinic as well as pre-clinical research.