Complement C4d Flexi Detection antibody (Discontinued)


This product has been discontinued. Please contact us regarding replacement products. Complement C4d Flexi Detection antibody can be used in the Gyrolab® system application or other applications of your choice for detecting C4d in sandwich assay approaches as a detection antibody. The antibody binds both C4d A and B genetic variants.

In approaches where using only a single antibody is desirable, the Complement C4d Capture antibody (FX1342) is recommended instead due to its high specificity for the C4d neo-epitope.


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Complement C4d Flexi Detection antibody

At a glance

Product code FX1343
Assay target C4d
Size 20 µg (1.25 mg/mL)
Technology Reagent
Read-out of results
Regulatory status Research Use Only


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