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  The European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease is a conference dedicated to topics in the field of complement, and we were lucky to get the unique opportunity to exhibit and learn from experts while networking with fellow global participants.   It was a terrific in-person conference where we ... Read more
We are very excited to be back, in person, in the complement arena as we exhibit and sponsor the International Conference on Complement Therapeutics again. At Svar, we offer functional and biomarker assays that can be used to explore every angle of complement system involvement in a wide range of ... Read more
As a company invested and dedicated to the complement pathway, Svar would like to support the science that will increase our collective understanding of how this system works and how it can be used and targeted to create new therapies in the future. The Svar Complement Excellence Award is a prize ... Read more
On April 9, 2022, Svar was honored to contribute to and participate in the memorial symposium of Professor Robert Braidwood Sim – known amongst friends as Bob Sim, who passed away last year. The Following are a few reflections from this meeting. Bob spent almost half a century working in the ... Read more