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In a recent interview by Select Science, Dr. Marie-Agnès Dragon-Durey highlights the role of complement C4d and calprotectin in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of viral infectious diseases. The complement system is an important part of the innate immune response and plays a key role in the ... Read more
Our bodies’ fine-tuned mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis will react to any foreign substance considered a threat. One of our first defense mechanisms is the complement system, with the critical job of fighting off harm while recruiting the appropriate parts of the immune system to neutralize ... Read more
21 OCTOBER 2021 Your Expert Partner
To successfully deliver innovative and life-changing therapies, you need solutions that push what’s possible. That’s where we come in. No matter the extent of your needs, Svar Life Science can be your expert partner for analytical products and services that help accelerate your drug development. We ... Read more
With new technologies come new challenges in drug development - to ensure safety and efficacy of new drugs novel assays are needed Read more