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Introducing Factor P (Properdin) quantitative and functional assay - for better resolution of the amplification loop. The new Factor P quantitative and functional assays offer a flexible and complete solution to study properdin. The Svar solution is a bi-dimensional tool that consists of:  A ... Read more
Today is Rare Disease Day, and in solidarity with the rare disease community, we want to recognize and raise awareness for those affected by complement-mediated rare diseases. We recognize the immense challenges those affected by these diseases face, and we are committed to doing our part to ... Read more
Today is World Encephalitis Day, and we are proud to join the encephalitis community and The Encephalitis Society to raise global awareness of encephalitis and the importance of early diagnosis. This year the Encephalitis Society awareness campaign is focused on the importance of mental health ... Read more
As part of our commitment to the highest quality service and compliance with regulatory requirements, we are excited to announce an important milestone toward the implementation of GMP compliance.    Today, we can happily share that Svar Life Science has been audited by the Swedish Medical Products ... Read more