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In a recent Select Science Editorial Article, Dr. Harald Messer, Gene Therapies Senior Scientist at Novartis, talks about the key considerations and challenges associated with developing biologically relevant cell-based assays that reflect mechanisms of action (MoA) and drug potency that represent ... Read more
Biopharmaceuticals, also known as biologics, have revolutionized the treatment of many human diseases in recent years. Immunologic conditions, diabetes, and some forms of cancer are now routinely treated with biopharmaceuticals. Biologics are large protein-based compounds that are developed from ... Read more
We are delighted to announce that we are traveling back to Boston on May 2-6. For the first time in over 2 years, more than 100 exhibitors will be returning to PEGS Boston, and finally, we all meet face to face again. We are also proud to announce that we will present our newest addition to the ... Read more
In a recent interview by Select Science, Heather Watson, Senior Manager in the Immunochemistry Department at Labcorp highlights how the industry is improving patient care by delivering innovative solutions that support faster and more cost-effective treatment.   Read more