WIESLAB® Complement Alternative Pathway


The Wieslab® Complement System Alternative Pathway kit is an immunoassay for the qualitative determination of functional alternative complement pathway and determination of complement deficiencies in human serum.

The Wieslab Complement assay combines the specific activation of the pathway with the use of labeled antibodies specific for a neoepitope of the terminal complement complex, C5b-9, produced as the result of complement activation. The amount of C5b-9 generated is proportional to the functional activity of the complement system. The convenient ELISA technology has several advantages compared to the traditional hemolytic assays.

This product is also available as research use only - Product code: COMPL AP330 RUO.

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WIESLAB®  Complement System Alternative Pathway
WIESLAB®  Complement System Alternative Pathway

At a glance

Product code COMPLAP330
Size 96 wells
Technology ELISA
Read-out of results Qualitative, Semi-quantitative,
Assay time 2h
Detection system ALP/pNPP read at 405 nm
Regulatory status IVD, CE labeled

What's in the box?

  • One frame with break-apart wells (12x8)
  • 35 mL Diluent AP
  • 13 mL Conjugate
  • 13 mL Substrate solution
  • 30 mL Wash solution 30x concentrated
  • 0,2 mL Negative control (NC) containing human serum
  • 0,2 mL Positive control (PC) containing freezed dried human serum

Please note: All reagents in the kit are ready for use except washing solution and controls. The reagents should be stored at 2-8° C except the positive control. The positive control must be stored at -20°C.


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