Cell-based solutions in
Assay Ready Format

iLite® Cell-Based Solutions

The iLite® cell lines are available for a number of biopharmaceutical targets and can be used for sensitive and specific measurement and quantification of drug potency, detection of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) and assessment of immunogenicity. 

Ease of use system

An iLite Cell Based Assay is easy to run – similar to an ELISA where here, the cells act as the reagent and are ready‐to-use instantly after thawing. This format gives your assay a very quick turnaround time - all the iLite assays are performed within a workday or at most overnight.

Assay Ready Format

The technology is based on a dual reporter gene assay and all cell lines are delivered as Assay Ready Cells, which means that they are ready to use, without any culturing or other pre-treatment.

Custom Development

Can't find the right cell line for your project?

If the iLite cells you are looking for aren't available in our product portfolio, explore the possibility of a custom development project.

Bioanalytical Laboratory Services

Need help running cell-based assays in drug development? 

Our Bioanalytical Laboratory Services are experts in performing iLite reporter gene cell-based assays, they are happy to assist with your project.


Want to know why interleukins are interesting targets in biological drug compounds?


iLite® Technology - valuable during the whole drug development continuum