iLite® Target Cells 

Homologous target cells with a controlled antigen expression (+) or depletion (-)

iLite Target Cells

iLite® Target Cells

Engineered, homologous, and specific target cells that enable screening for antibody-induced effector functions

The iLite Fc-Effector system comes with a suite of engineered homologues (+) and (-) target cells that allow differences in ADCC and ADCP activity to be determined with precision and specificity. It also enables comparisons of ADCC/ADCP activity between variants of therapeutic antibodies that target the same antigen and possibilities to detect any unwanted activity due to the engineering of the antibody.

Target (+) cells have been engineered to overexpress a specific antigen, either by overactivation of the endogenous expression or by insertion of the gene encoding this antigen. This gives a stable and controlled expression of the antigen on the cell surface and enables target-Fc receptor crosslinking inducing a specific luciferas  signal.


Target (-) cells  do not present the specific surface target molecule. Hence, no crosslinking  between target and Fc-Receptor can be established and no luminescence from the Effector Cell is generated. This specific antigen-negative target cells provides a unique way of detecting nonspecific effects. 



Can´t find a perfect match? Let us develop it for you!

In case you haven't got an ideal target cell line and can't find what you’re looking for in our off the shelf solution, you can rely on our extensive expertise to develop the most appropriate one and we have vast experience in designing cell lines ideally fit for purpose!

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